Early peas ‘in waiting’!

The early peas, Piccolo Provencale, that I soaked & chitted along with the Aquadulce Broad Beans mentioned in my last post, have ‘escaped’ & are looking more like young Triffids! I ran out of root trainers, but couldn’t get to the garden centre until yesterday. Consequently I’ve only just managed to sow most of them this evening. I know, I shouldnt have allowed the seeds to develop such long root systems, but how often do you do something you’re not *really* supposed to in your garden/allotment? Sometimes, no matter how organised you are, your seeds just don’t get sown/ seedlings don’t get planted out when they ‘ought to’ – live with the consequences, learn from the experience.  I often find my chitted bean/pea seeds don’t get sown when the  should but they still produce strong plants once I get them into modules. Just go with it & don’t worry  too much about what you ‘ought’ to do. Just get a ‘feel’ for what might work for you & your situation.

Here’s a picture of the ‘escaped’ chitted seeds liberated from their kitchen towel – i’ll let you know how they progress, but I hope to be able to plant out by late February. Last year I didn’t get started with my pea crops until late February. I soaked & chitted the 1st seeds on 25/26th February (same cv), into guttering in our cold frame on the allotment by mid March, into the ground mid April, flowered mid May, pods by mid June. By starting over a month earlier I hope to bring everything forward by at least 2 wks. I’ll keep a note & let you know if I’ve succeeded.

The seeds are our own, saved from last year’s early pea crop, seeds originally from Seeds of Italy, who I would recommend because of both the quality & amount of seed you are sent. There are approximately 100 chitted seeds in this picture. New moon on 4th January, seeds soaked overnight of the 5th, drained into a pot lined with kitchen towel to chit on 6th, root radicles emerging on 7th. Sown in root trainers this evening, 16th January.

early peas-chitted seed-Piccolo Provencale 16.1.11

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