Liquid magic!

Making Seaweed Liquid Fertiliser:
Get a container with a lid you can secure (we use a large plastic bin with a clip-on lid), half fill it with seaweed, top up with water and let it stand for up to 3 months, although it is possible to use after about 1 month. The basic proportions are ½ fill your container with seaweed then fill up with water – you could also add urine to it, if you collect it for your compost heap.

Strain off the liquid/remove the seaweed and add about a cupful to 2 gallons of water to use as a liquid fertiliser; don’t be tempted to make any stronger. You could make a large bag out of old net curtains and put the seaweed in this before soaking; sew a stout double channel around the top and thread with strong twine or rope so you can lift it out into a wheelbarrow more easily – a better idea than fishing out the (very smelly) rotted seaweed. Put the seaweed residue on the compost heap where it will act as a (magical) compost activator.

Suggested uses:

Use for your ‘greedy feeders’ such as potatoes, courgettes and pumpkins, tomatoes cane and bush fruit, rhubarb.

Also use quite dilute as a foliar feed and a pick-me-up for brassicas in the spring when they start putting on a fresh burst of growth. Experiment and keep a note of where it works best for your allotment/garden.

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