A Boon for Illegal Timber Use and Increased Soil Sealing

I recommend reading this post from @european trees; it raises the likelihood that the proposed removal of planning control will further damage our already compromised landscape. We may yet find our gardens, forests & ferociously defended green belt sacrificed to the profits of property developers & others.


The UK government are to relax planning rules for a ‘limited period’ in order to ‘boost the economy’.

Revitalising the Georgian suburban dream ties in very nicely with the Georgian economic mind of Chancellor George and maybe it is the greater emphasis of the ‘Great’ in Great Britain in a year it can celebrate itself due to the Olympics that has so easily persuaded the government that the UK is actually in competition with the rest of the world and building a Jerusalem to the exacting standards of Margot Leadbetter is what is needed.

In following the desperate bletherings of a thinktank employee, who has been put on the spot without reference material, these planning proposals further diminishes a flagging respect for what was ‘Great’ in Great Britain – reasoned intelligent progressive innovative thinking – based on scientific or academic research.

Total ignorance of any signed treaties or conventions…

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