Jim’s Dad’s Garlic

Every year, since his Dad died, Jim has been planting the garlic that his Dad used to grow in a small brick bed he’d made in his backyard. For Jim, it’s a ritual, a celebratory gesture to the memory of his father. Jim plants 27 cloves on his birthday in November, and harvests the garlic on 27th. July, his Dad’s birthday.
This year he’s given us a few cloves for the allotment. We’ve planted them, a little late, but they’re sprouting. We will eat some and keep some for planting, and to pass on to other allotment holders so preserving and spreading a sense of Jim’s father. Maybe in time people will forget exactly why they are growing Jim’s Dad’s Garlic but it will grow anyway as long as some bulbs are stored each year in preparation for the next, and that seems a fitting enough echo for a life.

jims dads garlic [planting]3

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