Why we all need to talk about Sheffield’s trees.

This is a vitally important issue, both encouraging more planting & more thoughtful maintenance of trees in urban environments alongside the dangers of non-communication between councils & citizens. I also wonder if increasing budget constraints are resulting in departments taking longterm defensive action, removing possible ‘future problems’ before they occur – ie kill a tree before it dies & becomes ‘dangerous’.
Do read this &, if you’re in Sheffield, join in.


There is an increasing amount of prominent and professional ‘Tree people’ following the Sheffield tree campaign and I would keenly advise everyone and anyone in the industry or on the periphery, in the UK or abroad, to do so also . The facebook page for Sheffield Tree Action Group (STAG) has become a fascinating forum with many recognisable names popping up.

Many including myself often discuss the need for those in the Arb’ and Forestry industries to be communicating more. But what is the point if we are subject to a deliberate campaign to ignore all the work done, all the guidance and indeed even the legal framework under which we work?

This is why the Sheffield tree situation is so important to those outside of Sheffield and even outside the UK. It is not so much the trees themselves, indeed a significant proportion of the trees in Sheffield clearly…

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