2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Nice quote! But given the nature of the ownership of land (temporary as we are temporary) does who owns it matter?

    Security to work it may matter greatly to you and others who invest themselves and their hearts in land and that security is greater with ownership as some allotment holders have found, to their grief.


    • Hello Anne, yes with the passing of time and the amount of work we have (and others like us) done to make our allotment productive, we do have a sense of belonging. But we both know that this land is not ours and never will be, and that’s what I meant by ownership. We simply pass across it, perhaps leaving some trace, as others before us have, but the important point to make is that this is common land and should remain so, and that’s what we should fight for (too many allotment sites have been sold off for private development). But then this is a continuing discussion.

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