Spring Flowers and Snowflakes

Yesterday it felt like spring; mild air, a gentle breeze blowing up from the sea, buds beginning to burst on the flowering currants (Ribes sanguineum). A solitary bee drifted past. But, that was yesterday; deceptive. A cold northerly is blowing across the valley today, bringing with it sudden heavy showers. Definitely early spring.

We’re continuing to build a frame, up the valley side, for the roses & honeysuckle to ramble over, & wild pea, once they’re ready to plant out. The allotment association have had pallets delivered to the site recently & we’re using these, but keeping hardwood ones to build a shed. Slowly, we’re gathering these together & we’ll hopefully be able to start building soon. The aim is to use the small shed for tools & ‘bits’, the new one, complete with a wood burner made by one of our sons, for working in & drinking tea.
For now, I’ll sit here on the valley side with my tea & snacks; I’ve made a variation on my bread/cake. The birds are noisy this afternoon, the Robin loud and insistent, crows calling from the woods bordering the western edge of the site. The temperature is dropping and there’s a scattering of snowflakes.

allotment path [1]