Who we are

In our other lives we are a Life/Oral Historian & an artist/film maker.

In the allotment we split the planting & the structural work between us, a division of labour that seems to work (most of the time).

We are growers of food because we are captivated by the magic of germination through growth to harvest; but mostly we see growing our own food as a political act, a minor attempt at independence from the industrial food producers. We are not, nor could we be, self-sufficient as we also have to earn a living, not from the soil.

We are also seed savers. Although not experts, we are learning & are about to attempt biennial seed saving, not just the annuals such as lettuce, peas, beans & rocket that often become our accidental seed savings.

We have a garden in our allotment in which we grow wild flowers in order to provide forage for bees & other pollinating insects; we also save flower seeds. We mostly give our seeds away to friends, but also to new allotment holders, so they have seeds that are adapted to our local environment.

Our allotment truly is our Hortus Ludi, a minor fraction of once common ground, that gives access to those of us unable to afford land in England.

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